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Do you need a special service that is not listed?  Let'sTalk.​
Beats & Instrumentals

Purchase custom, or lease.  We have a wide selection to inspire your creativity.

Drum Programming

Our drum programming service will help you add a natural and creative feel to your songs.  Complete with custom fills that blend seamlessly with your transitions.

Audio Mixing & Mastering

Our mixing services range from helping you with Vocal & Instrumentals, Full Band, and Commercial needs.  We understand feeling, dynamics, tempo, and groove have a lot to with how your mix comes out and we know how to enhance the quality of your music to move your audience. 



At Screamhouse Media we strive to help you from the studio to the stage and back.  As our program is growing we will provide more services to help you become successful in the music business.  Currently, we offer mixing, mastering, and audio editing services to help you get your product ready for market.  Choose a service below.

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