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  • Shane Bryant

Metallica has an amazing new marketing plan.

So, just recently I posted a blog claiming that streaming services are not stealing a piece of your pie because the value of album sales has drastically declined. Click HERE to visit that blog. Anyhow, I further back my claims up with the recent release of Metallica's new video collection. One thing is for sure. Metallica will sell many albums. However, I think that they are also seeing the slowing trend of album sales. For their newest release "Hardwired To Self Destruct", they are releasing a video for every song on the album. This is probably the biggest promotion play I have ever seen. They are using mass media and a surprise attack to promote their album. Now, with that being said, they will probably not make any money off of "Hardwired". Let see what happens to their ticket prices this year. They have just created a HUGE demand with this marketing plan. But then again, they are Metallica and they will sell out shows no matter what. What do you think?

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