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Audio Services

*Disclaimer* - The gear and methods you use to record your music with will have a major affect on how your project turns out.  If you are unsure of how to properly record yourself, please visit our Tips/Tricks/Tutorials section to learn a few basic steps to help achieve the optimum level of quality. 

          We reserve the right to refuse business or cancel agreements at any time.  Some projects may require additional charges for items like pitch correction, quantizing, drum editing, drum programming, additional instrumentation, re-recording instruments  or any other editing that requires us to significantly modify the original wave form.  No work will be performed without up front payment.  Accommodations and adjustments to the mix will be provided in a quote before payment.

The outcome and quality of your project is very important to us.  We will work as quickly as we can to turn around your tracks as fast as possible.  We advise you to use good business practices and allow ample time to finish the project before setting and or announcing any release dates.

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